How To Fix Error Retrieving Information From Server RH-01 In Play Store?

I was having the “Error Retrieving Information From Server RH-01″ Problem last week so I tried all the ways to fix this issue. At last i came with the result. now I am Shearing my experience in clearing the issue.

Google Play store is a in built application for the Android devices. We all use the Google play store to download and install application to our mobile. But some time when you try to download the app in your phone you may get some error message like Error retrieving information from server RH-01 what is the meaning of this issue ? and How to Fix this issue? lets know briefly in this Article.

Reason for Error Retrieving Information From Server RH-01

This may be due to many reasons like the version of your Google play store may be old, network issues or may be due to cache and data stored in google play store. The corrupted data and caches in the play store will prevent the play store in installing the apps and also in updating the apps.

Fix error retrieving information from server RH-01

To fix the issue fallow the bellow guide.

Clear data and cache in Google play store, Google service framework and Google play service.

  •  Open settings in the mobile app.
  • Then select the Apps and click on the app manger
  • Here click on the Google play store apps and select the storage.
  • Click on the clear user data and also on cache.
  • In the same way clear Google play service and Google service framework data caches and data.
  • After clearing the data Restart the phone you issue will be fixed

If you are still having this issue then fallow the further steps to fix the issue.

Update the Time and Date

Update date and time in your phone to automatic setting. If its not possible manually fix the correct date and time in the Phone because sometimes the issue may be due to this reason.

  • Open Settings in the phone and select additional settings and Choose Date & time from the menu.
  • Check for Automatic date & time update  and check that phone is showing right time or not.
  • Restart your device and then retry the Play Store.

Remove all the Google Account and sign in again with a single account

how to remove google account from phone

In a Android Phone sign out of the all the existing Google account and again newly sign in to google account. It may be a risky one because it may leads to lose your contacts and data, so move all your data and then remove your google account

  • Open Settings on your mobile, select the option “User Accounts.”
  • Select the Google account that is associated with your device and remove it and again sign in with other google account .
  • Check out Google Play Store after changing your account, if  it’s working. If there is no problem then you can sign back to your original account.

Uninstall updates from the Google play store

This may also be the one of the problem. Click on the uninstall updates because sometimes updates will not be correct and may cause problem to phone.

  • Open Settings and click on apps and notification
  • Select Google Play Store.
  • On top-right corner of screen click on three-dot icon. Choose Uninstall updates.
  • Restart the phone.

These methods will fix the error retrieving information from server RH-01 issue in your Phone. Fallow this step by step guide.

Frequently asked Questions

1.How can I update my Google Play store?

  • Check for the play store version of phone by taping on the menu bar at the top of the left corner select the setting in that check the version of google play store.
  • If there is update available it will update automatically, otherwise it will show the popup like play store is up to date.
  • Even though some times  you need to forcefully update by clearing a data in settings go to apps and then select google play store there you clear all the data and caches
  • Restart the devise now you will have the latest version of device.
  • If none of this works then manually download  google play APK file and install by granting all the permissions.

2. What is the meaning of Error retrieving information from server RH-01?

It means there may be problem with the data and cache stored in the Google play store. So clear the issue by clearing Cache – Settings >Apps > App manager >Google play store > clear cache

3. How do I fix Play Store Error retrieving information from server DF Dferh 01?

Yes you can fix. Fallow the above procedure to fix this issue .

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