How To Create Google Group in 2021- Step By Step Guide

Create Google Groups

Google Groups is a free, online service that helps groups of same intention people to share information and communicate virtually. There are two type of Groups—the free for everyone, and advanced one used by Institutions like at workplaces, schools, and Social platforms. So, know how to create Google Group in this article

You can create Google Groups for both public and private purpose, here members share information’s, files and discuss ideas through email.

Benefits of Google Groups

  • In Google Groups you can Find people with similar hobbies or interests and take part in online conversations shares information via email using a group email address
  • In Workplaces can work on projects combined and  Organize meetings and events through Google groups.
  • Use of Google Groups help students to develop arguments for effective essays and speeches.

How to create a group in google?

1. Create Group

Create google group

  • Open google groups in the browser and sign in to your Google Groups using you Gmail username and passwords.
  • You can see a create group option on left corner of page click on it.
  • New page will appear where you want to fill the information about google group.

2. Write Group name address and description

Create google group

  • Enter Google group name based on the purpose of the group name the group. You can choose the name of the group within 73 characters. If the name is already taken choose the other name that is easy to identify.
  • After naming the group select the email address to the group it can be unto 63 Character length with out including domain name you will be given domain  name to your  email. This group mail is used to send the mails to group.
  • Write the description to your Group describing the purpose and the intention behind the group with in the 300 words. It will be seen on the about page of your group.
  • Chose the Groups primary language for the discussion.

3. Select the type of the group

Here select the type of group that you have to create from the options based on the purpose of your group. Most common are below types.

    • Mail list: This option is a typical mailing list, here you create a email and every one can massage  every one in this group you can send messages, files, documents etc. invite Group members to meeting.

    • Web forum: It is for discussion forum, anyone can interact  each other and group members  post and reply here related to particular subject in organizations.

    • Q&A forum: It is forum on website where people giver best answers to different question posted by members of the group on different topics.

    • Collaboration inbox: Here you can allocate questions to particular group members. Then you can track and categorize this questions.

4. Set basic permissions for group to view topic, post and joining the group

Create google group

    • Who can View topics: By default it will be set has group owner, manager, and all members can view post. If you want the public to view this post then click on the public drop-down. or you can exclude and include members to the group.
    • Who can Post topic: Here also you will have group owner, manager and all members can post by default. If you want the preference then you can select from the drop down button.
    • Who can Join the group: By default it will be anyone, that means this group is shown in search. So that anyone from the web can join the group. If you want to change then click and  select who can join, then tap the option.
    • Who can search for group: By default it will be group members if you want to change then click on down drop and select any one on web.
    • Who can view group members: There will be three options like owner, manager and members you can select any one of these.

5. Adding members to Google group

Create google group

    • Add group members: By typing the names of your members you can add the members to the group.
    • Select group manager: Select the group manager to manage the group activities.
    • Group Owner: By default who creates the group will the group owner.

6. Then click on create and then click ‘ok’, your Google group will be created.

Create google group

How to invite people to join  Google group ?

After setting up the group If your the owner of the group then you will be able to manage the members of the group. You can directly add members to the group or you can invite the members to join. Click manage members here click manage or add directly.

What you can do in Google Groups ?

  • In single click you can email everyone in a group with a email address by creating Group
  • You can find  a similar interested people in one single place.
  •  You can gain knowledge on topics and discuss about it.
  •  In particular organization you can organize meetings, conferences, and events.

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