Delete Search History In Google and Stop Google From Tracking You Everywhere

If you want to be stopped by google tracking then “Delete google search history” is the only solution. Delete google search bar history means not just clearing your chrome history. It means deleting your “Google Web & App Activity history” that means you are permanently deleting your browse history from google server. Do you know that google knows everything about you more then Anyone and also more than you.
Google keeps tracking your data and make a profile of you and the whole history you browsed will be stored here. For example, you will browse for a car to buy and close it. Then you can find a advertisement of car everywhere like in web pages, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook. Did you thought about this anytime, like how your are getting these recommendations. Now think about it. To keep your personal data (that you browse through online activity) safe, read this article .

How to Delete all searches from Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft edge and phone?

If you are worried that someone will see your history when they use your computer and phones or if you are concerned about protecting your data, you probably empty your browser history regularly. Some of you may don’t know how to delete your searches from Google chrome. Here, fallow the steps to  clear your search and browsing history everywhere from your computer, phone, Chrome, Firefox, and more.

1. “Delete all searches” from Google Chrome

  • Click open the Google chrome page here click on the three dots visible in the top right corner of the page or directly use ‘Ctrl+H’ to open google search history page


  • Click on  the ‘history’ option. In the left corner tap on the ‘clear browsing data‘.


  • Then select the time period to delete google history search.

2. “Delete all searches” from Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox window click on the three lines.
  • Click on the ‘options’, Then click open the ‘Privacy and Security’.

  • Scroll down, to find ‘Clear history’ option and select it.
  • The select the time period to delete the browsing history.

3. “Delete all searches” from Microsoft edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge page and click on the same three dots in the top right corner
  • Click on the ‘history’ and then on ‘Clear browsing data’.

  • Click on time specific period to delete search history.

4. “Delete all searches” from your phone

 To delete “google search bar history” from you phone fallow these steps 

  • Open google chrome page in your phone
  • Click on three buttons on the top right corner


  • Then click on the history button
  • In the history page at the top you can see option like clear browsing data click on it
  • Select the option you want to clear from your phone and click on clear data at the bottom.

  • Again you will be asked to select the sites to clear data, click and clear the data.

How to Delete permanently Google Search History on Android/iPhone or Computer

Clearing google search history from your history does not mean that your permanently deleting your data. Here you are just clearing your data but it will be still stored in the ‘Google’s servers’. So, know how to permanently “delete history in google”.

  • Then select Delete activity by.

  • Here you will have four option like last hour, last day, always and custom range.

  • Select the specific time period option that you want to delete from search history from all your google services.

  • Click on Next and delete, then My activity page will not have any activities.

How to Delete all your activity automatically from google services.

  • Tap on each option and select manage activity then click on the auto delete activity option.

  • Click on confirm to delete the Web & app activity, Location History and YouTube History.

How to Stop the Google from saving your activity

You have pause button to stop the Google from saving your activity fallow the steps

  • Click open my activity page in google chrome.
  • You can find three options on you web page like Web & app activity, Location History and YouTube History.
  • Tap on each option and click on the pause button from any of your devices to stop the google from saving your data.

How to Download all the data before permanently  deleting Google search history

  • Open Google Takeout in the browser
  • Select the data you’d like to download from google history. by default, all boxes will be selected. You can uncheck the box if you don’t want download.

  • Click on the next bottom and select the delivery method and click on Create Export.
  • After completion of archiving process you will get a notification mail were you can download the data through a link.

Use a VPN server that will protect your privacy by hiding your IP address and internet activity from your browser. But first, before using VPN server permanently delete the google data

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