Are You Getting ‘Error Checking For Updates’ In Play Store Find A Solution

If you are getting the Google play store Error checking for updates issue read this article to solve the problem. Google play store is the most used mobile application in mobile to install apps. To run the apps smoothly in a mobile apps should be updated frequently So that mobile will not slow down. If you are not updating the app then then the android phone will not work correctly. When you go to update the Apps you will get the message like ‘error checking for updates‘ and ‘No problem‘. If you are having the same problem read this article. Read reason for the issue and Fix the Google play store issue.

Reason for error checking for updates

The few main reasons for the error checking for updates are below

  • Corrupted user data: The Apps data stored in the mobile may be corrupted, then it can result in an error and wont allow for the update of the Application in the phone.
  • Corrupted app Cache: The cached data of the apps of the Google Play Store may be corrupted, this will create problem for smooth performance of the apps, App performance will slow down and cause issue at updating. Show the error message.

How to fix play store error checking for updates?

Now we know that the issue is caused due to the Data and cache stored in the mobile by apps now to fix this issue we want clear the cache and data to do this fallow the bellow step by step guide.

  • Open the Settings in  your Phone
  • Find and click on the Apps in the settings.
  • Here select the App Manager.
  • Then Click on the Google play store App from the app list in app manager
  • Next in app manager you can find the storage option click on the storage option.
  • Here to clear the cache, Click on the cache and and the tap on the clear cache
  • Then after clearing the cache click on clear data.


This process will not delete any of your data in the phone. So nothing to very about the data of your phone. Clear the Cache data to fix play store error checking for updates

Frequently asked Questions

Why does it say error checking for updates?

When the cache and user data of the Google Play Store is corrupted then this will prevent the App for performing several things. It leads to slow down of mobile, App performance. To over come this clear the cache and data of the apps.

Can not update apps?

Again the same problem Clear cache and user data for Play Store –  Open Settings > Apps > App Manager >Google Play Store> Storage> Clear data> Clear all data> Clear cache.

Why is my Google Play not updating ?

There may be so many reasons for updating issue like Internet connection, Caches and data stored, Multiple accounts, Storage issue and downloading multiple app at a time.

  1. Once uninstall the app and install again
  2. Remove the account and sign in again.
  3. Check for the Internet connection when it’s modified with the help of a proxy editor and VPN services. If connection insecure you can’t update the apps.

How do I fix error checking for updates?

By clearing the cache and the data from the phone you can fix the issue- Open Settings > Apps > App Manager >Google Play Store> Storage> Clear data> Clear all data> Clear cache.

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